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Central United Methodist Church
34 Church Street
Canton, North Carolina 28716
Phone: 828-648-7270
Fax: 828-648-8663

Where can I park?

We have three parking areas:

  • The lower parking lot allows access to the first floor of the educational building and sanctuary without climbing any stairs.  Access this lot from Hampton Heights Street on the east side of the building.
  • The upper parking lot is behind the street side of the church. Access this lot by taking Hampton Heights and turning right on Oakland Circle. The upper parking lot allows access to the second floor of the educational building without the need for stairs. The sanctuary can be accessed by taking the stairs or the elevator to the lower level.
  • The street level parking lot is shared by the church and the Lamp Factory. It is directly across Hwy 19-23 from the church.  Access to the sanctuary is across the street and up the steps.

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